Ankle Brace For Soccer

Imagine being out there on that soccer field playing the game that you love running up and down the field and then boom you twist your ankle to the point of no return for a while. Having an ankle brace for soccer is so important because of the constant cutting and the continuous stop and go that soccer players do.

The fact that soccer players wear cleats also makes for another important reason that you need to wear ankle braces. Your feet are never leveled when wearing cleats so it makes it a lot easier to slip and fall or have your cleat get stuck in the grass. Wear braces will help stabilize the ankle and now you have the security of the ankle and foot.

There are different types of ankle braces that support the ankle in different ways in which the ankle needs. There are braces that support the high part of the ankle and braces that support the lower part of the ankle. There are some that support the back of the ankle and there are some that support the inside of the ankle. It really just depends on what it is that you need the most.

Being prepared is the key to sports and having all the needed gear and equipment to lower your chances of catastrophic injury. We take for granted the body just thinking that we will be ok and that we can just run out there day in and day out and not take the proper precaution to have ourselves ready for war ( our sport!) Protect those ankles because that is the end all be all to being a great soccer player.

One thing I did as athlete growing up is look at those who did it before us and model our game, our preparation, our gear and just our competitive spirit and mindset after them and you will not go wrong at all. They have made it that far for a reason and its pretty much the blueprint to our sports success. Its truly a way to make things easier on yourself.

Yoga Workout for Athletes

Everyone loves good yoga to calm them down and balance their inner self out, but what a lot of people fail to realize is that being an athlete and doing yoga go hand in hand. Making sure that your inner peace is at one is just as important as all the physical tools and gifts that you have worked extremely hard for.

Yoga is typically an ancient practice that originated back in the day over 5,000 years ago. People in today s day and age choose to continue to do it because it taps into peoples spiritual attitude and it has become apart of everyone s fitness routine. A lot of trainers have recommended yoga to professional athletes.

I want to make sure that every athlete out there has that flexibility and mobility that they need to be successful with their particular sport. Each sport has different parts of yoga that best fits their needs but at the end of it all, everything comes back full circle.

We will focus on the different yoga workouts and which ones best fit your needs and sports. The different yoga workout for athletes will change your life and allow you to be that vigour athlete that you want to be.

The Importance of Strength from Yoga

There is no amount of weightlifting or no amount of free weights that will give you the strength that being able to hold up your own body weight will give you. You are able to tap into the core of your body and build strength with your muscles and with your bones. A lot of people are so quick to want to be cut up and shred up so they do these intense workouts that get them the quick results.

Everyone forgets about building up the inner strength that holds the body together within. If you can hold up your own weight then adding those extra muscles on top of muscles won’t be hard at all.

If you can build out the core muscles which are the abs then everything else will trickle out like branches and leaves from a tree. There are a lot of different yoga poses that start to build strength immediately.

Boat PoseIt is an ab and deep Hip flexor strengthener. You sit on the floor to start and raise your legs as high as you can and try to bring your arms to your legs without touching and that begins this pose. Strengthening the hip flexors are important for quick twitch movement and not having stiff hips.

Warrior II poseIt is meant to increase core stamina. Spread your legs a great distance apart and go into a lunge position and spread your arms wide like a bird and hold that position. You will feel your body starting to fatigue but that is what you want. Then without even realizing it your stamina is being built within and you aren’t even running or sprinting.

Half Moon PoseThis pose will begin to increase ankle and leg strength along with stability. Being able to do this pose is extremely crucial to the importance of being an athlete. Spread your arms like an eagle and go down and try to touch the floor. Rotate your hips to the front so can begin to work that balance and stabilize the ankle and leg.

Chair Pose- This pose strengthens the arms and legs but more importantly it stimulates the diaphragm and the heart. Extend arms upward while inhaling and then bend down into the chair position while exhaling. Palms should be facing in and you want to hold this position for 30 seconds

Cobra Pose This position opens and strengthens the heart also allowing the body the proper flexibility it needs to reach it peak. You want to lay down on your stomach and slowly rise the front of your body into a cobra position. Slowly roll the shoulders back as far as they can go. This is a very underrated position.

As an athlete we must incorporate these strengthening yoga poses to our workout routine because this is literally building the entire foundation of the stability of who an athlete is. once your core strength is intact and you have all the flexibility and mobility you need.


Flexibility is Key

When you lack Flexibility it honestly hurts to do anything or get into positions that you haven’t done in years. Also, the lack of flexibility can get you injured because your body cant get into positions that it should for whatever sport you play. As a former athlete I wish I was able to tap into more of my flexibility because I believe I would have saved myself from a lot injuries.

I once tweaked my back in a basketball game trying to do a reverse lay-up. The lay-up required me to go and under the basket and torque my body in a way I just wasn’t used to and I tweaked my back and was out for 2 weeks. My flexibility really lacked and I never took it serious enough.

These are some of the best yoga poses athletes should incorporate for great flexibility

Standing forward fold– Starting this yoga pose will allow you to see where you are with your current flexibility. The support of the abdominal muscles below the navel allow for greater flexibility in the lumbar spine

Cat- Cow pose– This pose is great for gaining extra flexibility in the spine

Bow Pose– This pose is great for back flexibility. Bow pose increases the flexibility of the back as a whole…helps to open the lungs, vertebrae and hip flexors, which are often very tight in athletes. This gives athletes greater spinal flexibility and rotation with less strain

Bridge Pose– This pose is great for the back and hip flexor

Butterfly Pose– This pose is great for the flexibility for the groin and hips and allows the full body to get a deep full stretch.

Pro Athletes who use Yoga

LeBron James, SF, Los Angeles Lakers

At 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds, LeBron James has reportedly been practicing yoga for years while playing with the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Lebron James explains that yoga not only helps him with his balance, but that it has helped ease some lower back issues.


Kevin Love, PF, Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Love practices yoga to open up his hips and build on balancing and core strength.




Los Angeles Clippers NBA Team

Part of what keeps the Los Angeles Clippers’ players in excellent athletic shape is having a “yoga coach.” That coach is Kent Katich, who also works with other NBA players.

The Complete Package

Understanding your body and what it takes to be a complete athlete and be a true Vigour Athlete will definitely gain the advantage that you need when trying to be at your best. Strengthening your bodys core from the inside first before you start adding the outside muscle is the key to true strength, flexibility and mobility that you need.

If you incorporate yoga into your regular routine 3-4 times a week, you will start to see an amazingly different body begin to sculpt before your eyes. The key is consistency which a lot of people lack and that’s when results don’t come in but make this apart of your life and the sky is truly the limit. Being a Vigour athlete is a lifestyle and yoga is a key factor in achieving that goal.

Strength Training for Basketball

Yes basketball is about speed and agility and quick twitch movements but you also need to have some strength apart of your tool belt as well if you want to have the maximum success. Strength is the underlying element to actually avoid serious injuries. Basketball has it’s own type of strength that you need.

When it comes to strength training for basketball it’s really about fine-tuning those twitch muscles that allow you the most burst and flexibility as well. The best athletes in the world have muscles on top of their muscles.

Strengthening Your Legs – Get that Explosion

The best way to target the leg muscles and get the maximum explosion possible is to completely strip your legs down until their is enough pain that makes it extremely difficult to walk. Doing this ensures when you start to build your legs back up the muscle memory of your legs understands the work you put in and you can better feed your muscles.

Leg squats are a great way to tear the legs up because they target the thighs and the glutes which are the two most important muscles when we are talking explosion. Also, getting some lunges in their will also help with the stamina of your leg muscles so you can actually continue your workouts.

Another workout you definitely want to implement is running up steep stairs that require you to lift your legs as high as possible and the reason for this is that we are still tearing our leg muscles down so we can build them back up with some endurance.

Once your legs have been stripped and you can barely walk, next you want to give them a break so you can recover and start the healing process so you can now build those muscles back up. Keeping those muscles hydrated along the way is very important as well and is an underrated part in this process.

Now you can begin sprinting which will help the endurance of your legs. Its very useless to have strong legs but they get tired so fast. We call these wind sprints. If you can do about 10 of these three times a week you will be golden. You can even try to clock yourself just to make sure you are making progress each time or at least not getting slower.

Once your body has gotten into this routine, now you start repeating because you can handle it now as an actual workout regiment. Consistency with the legs is key and you can find yourself losing strength in your legs if you fall off of your routine workouts.

Your Nothing Without Your Core

Having a strong core and center to your body is the actual key to having that explosion that us athletes are looking for. Without it you are literally an average player. It is literally the center of you and controls everything. Its a lot you want to do to focus in on the core.

I find that planking for 60 seconds at a time is an underrated workout that athletes tend to do a lot because it focuses on the upper, middle and lower abs while using your own body weight so you never have to really strain your body. Remember it has to burn otherwise you won’t get the results.

Medicine ball slams are crucial because this exercise is still working all your abs at one time. Always make sure to exaggerate everything meaning make sure you extend all the way up so you are getting all the abs. Then when you slam the ball, slam as hard as you can so you can crunch and curl those abs.

The old faithful ab roller is the best. This once again works out all the ab muscles so you never miss anything. Always make sure to extend all the way out right before your stomach touches the ground. A very important component as well is keeping the back straight. Notice all workouts target all the ab muscles at one time.

Lean, Mean Upperbody

Now of course this is the part of the body that every athlete wants to target because this is the part that everyone will look at the most. Here is a list of the upper body muscles that you want to target that will specifically help you out with your strength for basketball.

  1. Biceps- These will help your passing, shooting and fighting through screens when you are constantly being hit
  2. Pectorals- these protect the body and allow you to take more of a beating, also very important for passing
  3. Forearms- underrated part of the body to workout. When you have strong forearms you can do more things with the flick of the wrist and use less energy. It also helps narrow down targets and smaller windows
  4. The Back- Having a strong back is important because the back is connected to everything and allows all your muscles to be in alignment.

Out Work Everyone

I was always taught, when you work hard good things happen to you. When everyone is sleep that’s when you are grinding putting in that extra work. You have to work hard when no one sees you so everyone can see how hard you have been working.

Getting your body together strength wise before even working on your actual basketball game is the key. Once you do that now you are able to train the way that you want to with all the strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Best Ankle Support for Basketball

Playing basketball on a competitive level is very rewarding but also takes its toll on the body in various ways. Anyone who has even stepped foot on any type of court whether it be indoors or even outdoors has had their ankle turn.

It is very painful and sometimes takes a very long time to come back from because the ligaments need to heal all the way before it feels fully comfortable. Your ankles help you pivot right, left, back and forth and having the perfect protection from the beginning is important.

Where technology is with sports’ in today s world is beyond comprehensive. Having the best ankle support for basketball will actually add years on to your playing time. The way different braces hug the ligaments and shape them to the most comfort for playing your sport is amazing.

A lot of athletes are going this route now because the force athletes play with now is just to much for the body and having that support will do wonders.

Protect the Ankles at All Costs

There are two different types of ankle sprains you can get while playing basketball and any sport for that matter and that is a high ankle sprain and a low ankle sprain. A high ankle sprain is a little more severe and takes a little more time to come back from.

When you wear an ankle brace that protects the high part of the ankle it almost puts the entire ankle in place and doesn’t allow for breakdown as much and as quick. You need your ankles to jump, cut, run and just explode in general.

Getting protection early is key because in a way you are training your ankles to understand and know how to support themselves with the ankle brace.

Now a low ankle sprain is more common and basketball players literally get these all the time. You can get one of these by coming down on another players foot or literally by just running and your foot getting caught on the court floor.

You have to support the lower part of the ankle slightly different than the higher part because the lower part connects a little more to the foot. You have to protect that part of the foot because you literally feel every movement when you run on a lower ankle sprain.

Sometimes athletes get their ankles taped before games and that can be helpful but the only problem you run into with that is you don’t allow the ankle to move in its natural form and you can cause the ankle to lock up and over best ankle bracetime you can end up tearing something significant.

Protecting the ankles before the actual wear and tear begins, can help save some deterioration and getting the correct ankle brace will allow for the most natural motion like you are just wearing socks.

Different Parts of the Ankle to Protect

The ankle joint is made up of three parts which are the Tibia, Talus and fibula.

  • Tibia, this is the higher part of the ankle that is much harder to heal and takes a lot longer. The Tibia is connected to the shin-bone so you can only imagine how the pain can connect to the entire leg making it really hard to walk.
  • Talus, This is the part of the ankle that most basketball players or athletes in general sprain often. This part of the ankle is on the side wedged between the heel and the top of the foot
  • Fibula, the lower leg bone that connects the ankle. This part of the ankle usually breaks when people actually get a broken ankle and not a sprain.

Double Socks isn’t the Way to Go

A lot of people are under the impression if you just wear double socks then you are good and that is protecting your ankles. I used to do this and really thought I was doing something and really supporting my ankles.

The problem with double socks is that your still allowing the ankles to move around in the shoe without the proper support. There isn’t any stability holding the ankle joints together properly and the socks are giving the ankle a false sense of security.

When you make a cut with just the double socks your ankle goes with the cut instead of having a brace with the high technology soften that cut and allow your ankle to ease into that particular movement. Wear the ankle brace and one pair of socks under the brace.

The End of Kobe

I remember watching Kobe Bryant for his entire career but one night against the Golden State Warriors in Kobe’s 17th season he had been going so hard the entire season and his body was breaking down game by game.

He ended up tearing his Achilles while making a routine cut that he has made his entire career. The first thing that popped into my head was “I knew it”. Kobe became known for wearing low top shoes and even low top socks as well while having taped ankles.

Now when you are 34 years old making those types of cuts with taped ankles, you are not allowing for regular natural motion for your ankles like I mentioned earlier.

As Kobe got older he needed to start protecting his ankles by wearing natural motion and natural flexibility braces because his ankles were locking up on him and he didn’t even know it. That was the end of the Kobe Bryant that we knew and loved.

It’s a New Day

Get on the train and don’t get left behind with the new sports’ technology that is being created within our sports’ gear. Protect your assets and all of your best ankle bracebody parts that allow you to do what you do before its to late and your body actually breaks down on you.

I honestly wish I could go back and just do the little things to protect my joints and ligaments by wearing braces that give the right motion and flexibility. Remember athletes, we are bigger stronger and faster than ever and you need to give yourself insurance to take each and every forceful blow.

The Best Knee Brace for Sports – having mobility and flexibility

Sports Knee Brace

Regardless of If you have strong muscles and joints the security of wearing knee braces early in your sports journey is crucial and important to the sustainability of your body and it potentially breaking down on you. The knee is the most important part to the body in everyday living and its not even a question when it comes to sports.

All the torque that our knees take and the pounding that is inevitable, it is a great idea to give your knees and even the rest of your body some support and some insurance by using the best knee brace for sports.

I am going to go over the importance and break down the different ways that knee braces with special technology can help protect your knees while playing sports.

I will break this down in four layers. The first will be the actual importance of the knee brace and the flexibility and mobility a brace with top of the line technology can give you.

Second will be protecting the most important ligament in the knee which is the ACL. Third will be the different types of braces that protect and support specific parts of the knee. The last thing will be Which professional athletes rely heavily on braces with specific technology.

The Importance of  Knee Braces in the World of Sports Today

There was once a time when people would just go outside and compete and play basketball in the streets without any cares in the world, whether it was concrete or not. Having that type of impact of your knees daily can definitely destruct or deteriorate the inner workings of the knee.

Without the knee being stable and strong you are not able to jump or have any explosion for that matter. Concrete is so hard and unforgiving that once you land on it, it doesn’t give in at all and each time the knee cartilage breaks off.

Just having a brace be able to stabilize the knee and allow you to still have the mobility and flexibility that you need will allow you to avoid injury while still Sports Knee Bracebeing explosive.

In today s sports world athletes are becoming bigger, stronger and faster each year that goes by. With the different and new workouts that are being done by the modern athlete, the body isn’t able to keep up with it and over time it ends up destructing.

If you look at pro basketball players they are literally flying through the sky and that takes a lot of explosion, but knee isn’t always prepared for that. If our knees are supported with top technology and met with the explosive workouts that are required to be a top-notch athlete then there would be fewer injuries especially to ACL’s which seem to be more common these days, but  I will get into that a little later.

Preparing your body for the pounding before the pounding takes place is the key to physical health.

Letting your knees be mobile and flexible is the most important ingredient to Sports Knee Bracekeeping your knees intact. If you are running but your leg isn’t allowed to do its full functional motion, then overtime your knee will strain itself and breakdown because those aren’t natural motions of the knee.

So keeping the knee active and mobile with the proper flexibility while stabilizing it for structure will keep the knee strong.

Protecting the ACL- Most Important Ligament

The ACL is literally like the linchpin to the knee that holds everything together and gives it the mobility and flexibility that it needs to be productive. The ACLAZasqq injury list with athletes let along professional athletes is so long and it continues to rise by the day.

Back in the day you didn’t have as many ACL injuries because the athletes were not as big, strong or fast. With the explosion athletes have in today s sports world you need to have the support on the knee that keeps everything in place.

When trying to support the ACL you need the brace that will squeeze the outside part of the knee so it gives the inside of the knee some relief. People have torn their MCL and LCL and have still been able to play their sport no one can play on a torn ACL.

New sports technology braces that support the ACL don’t allow fluid build up in the back of the knee as well which allows the knee to still flex forward and give the outer and inner knee relief and mobility.

ACL knee braceHaving warmth on the knee cap which would be in the ACL brace allows for the knee to warm up before sudden workouts and you can get your best results.

Braces Supporting Different Parts of Knee

  1. Patella knee brace
  2. ACL knee brace
  3. MCL knee brace
  4. LCL knee brace
  5. PCL knee brace
  6. Arthritis knee brace
  7. knee brace to help stop popping/crackling

Pro Athletes Relying on Knee Braces

I want to start with Derrick Rose who started his career with the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. He would wear knee sleeves which are completely different from braces and he was not getting the support he needed because it was a form of a cover of the knee.

He went on to tear both ACL’s and didn’t really return to the Derrick Rose we grew to no and love. As he got older he started to understand that he needed to really invest in what his knees were wearing if he wanted to continue his career.

He got more into the technology and construction of the knee and what his specific knee needed. He got more support on the ACL and MCL which gave him relief on the other parts of his knee and it allowed him to continue his career and he has returned to all star level.

Offensive linemen in college and the NFL wear the technology of don joy knee braces because they typically weigh a lot and it helps prevent ACL, MCL and LCL injuries which is smart because they are getting out ahead of the situation.

Coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots before every season asks his linemen to wear those types of knee brace so that they are protected and stabilize their joints.

Better Safe than Sorry

Going into a season or whatever sport you are involved in, it is much smarter to attack the potential injuries before they attack you because they will attack you hard.

Coming in prepared with the right equipment and the right braces will save you heartache and time in the long run. Think of your knees as your children and how important they are to you and how much you need to take care of them.

Stability, mobility and flexibility are the keys to long-lasting healthy knees so you can continue your sports and compete at a high level even like the pros.

About KaRonn


Hi everyone and welcome to my Vigour Athlete website. Basketball has always been a passion of mine ever since I was five years old, and I purchased alot of different products for my body to help support my body and prevent injuries.

Being a kid from south central Los Angeles, we were very limited on the different types of braces to support our bodies for sports and didnt really have the knowledge of what really worked and actually gave support.



Over the years I have learned alot about mobility of the body and the different braces that help and support, and I want to offer others some insight into different sport braces that do help and also some college and professional athletes that use the new technology for braces.

Growing up playing basketball it was my passion and my everything so I literally gave it everything I had. I would go so hard that I started having a left knee problem and it lingered through my whole life. I tried all different braces and knee supporters.

As you all know we are all in competition with one another when it comes time to compete and having the best technology to keep our bodies in tact and feeling good is the number one goal. I literally used to spend days traveling around sporting goods stores trying to find the right knee brace to stabilize my knee so  I could be effective on the court.

Brace technology has changed the game and the world of sports by providing scientifically proven braces to help stabelize and give you the mobility you need.

Having the confidence to step on a court or field will sky rocket knowing your knee is mobile and you can go out there and do the things you need to do out there. Much of the content that I will be discussing will be centered around figuring out which brace can help you still produce with your sport at a high enough level while giving you that mobility that you need.

Injuries and tweaks happen its how you can stabilize and mobilize.



Alot of the new technology braces that current athletes are using in todays day and age also look good. Alot of good looking sleek gear that just blends in with the performance. So now you can look the part, feel better about yourself and then go out there and compete at a high enough level that you need to.

– So Have a look around and If you ever have anything to share, need a hand or have any questions, I would love to hear it. Feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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